2022 End Times Countdown

Dr. Stephen Phinney


Can you imagine waking up one morning being faced with what the news calls “The Great Vanishing?” You quickly run to your favorite news source and begin to read story after story of people vanishing from the face of the earth. Your mind does a replay of the warnings you heard from those conservative Christians saying, receive the indwelling Life of Christ before it is too late.

Since you occasionally read the details of this so-called Rapture, you are left with an irreversible panic. While you thought you were a Christian, on this day, you are faced with the reality that you were not. Your eyes are immediately opened to the difference between a Christ-follower and that of those narrow-minded prophetic types of Christians who advocated the indwelling Life of Christ – being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Global humanity as we know it is on a downward spiral, thanks to the relentless cultural shift of Global Socialism – a social, religious, and political movement that promotes illogical and irrationality through the guise of one-world government. That ideology purposefully deceives and makes passive those who don’t have ears to hear absolute Truth. The greatest tragedy is most of the world’s churches adopted the Christ-following misnomers. Who will ultimately be the group that wakes up to the graven theories of The Great Vanishing.


Ironically, this progressive ideology is NOT progressive at all. It is regressive. The fleshly patterns of humanity tend to wait until it is too late. Regressive or backward thinking has descended into sheer madness in recent years, sucking humanity down into the Satanic sinkhole of slimy socialistic modalities. The truth of this madness is PRIDE dominates the hearts of those who question what God made clear. To them, prophecies and warnings are individualized interpretations of what God meant by what He said. This results in delusional behavior, depraved, and sustainability for their new world order leader.

Let’s face it. The radical progressivism that our world is fronted is none other than harkening to the voices of self-absorbed, mostly godless communicators and the evil members of the new progressive lies of postmodern irrelevance. Humanity, in general, has become a single society that is far more self-focused and narcissistic than at any time in world history. A society that seeks to destroy the last remaining vestiges of authentic Christianity, God’s moral principles, and