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Who Is Lin Wood?

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Lin Wood | Dr. Stephen Phinney

L. Lin Wood is a mystery to many Americans. Mr. Wood, P.C. is a dynamic Atlanta-based litigation boutique with a national reputation and practice. With over 43 years of experience, he has the expertise to handle any civil matter from inception through trial and appeal. The firm is dedicated to aggressive representation, combined with delivering excellent work product and living up to a full commitment to the causes of its clients. The firm strives to achieve the legal ideal of fighting to obtain justice for its clients who have been falsely accused, seek vindication for the American taxpayers, have suffered serious personal injuries or are embroiled in significant, complex business or estate litigation.

Lin's primary focus in his practice is on the First Amendment and defamation litigation; media management in high profile matters; False Claims Act cases, or “whistleblower” actions; fiduciary, trust and estate litigation; complex business litigation; and cases of catastrophic personal injury. He is an advocate of America First.

Here are a few answers to questions asked of life & policies.

Are you disappointed in losing the SCGOP?

Wood: I had a great time running for chair of the SCGOP, making new friends and building support from We The People. It was a win for me from my perspective.

Are you still a supporter of President Trump?

Wood: I support President Trump 100%. President Trump is a genius. He plays chess at a level we will never fully understand. I was honored by his description of me as a 'strong and talented' opponent.

Upon further reflection, I understand his endorsement of my opponent, Drew McKissick. My faith in President Trump has never wavered. He is doing God's will for our country.


Born as Lucian Lincoln “Lin” Wood Jr on October 19, 1952, the attorney and political commentator didn't have an easy upbringing. “I wasn’t surprised. I grew up in a life of domestic abuse. It was a brutal life,” he recounted in the interview, chalking out his childhood in Macon, Georgia. He was raised by alcoholic parents who were often violent toward one another until he came home to find his father standing over his mother's lifeless body.

Looking back at the tragic incident, he said he checked his mother’s pulse and, realizing she was dead, called the police. “I remember walking down the driveway and driving off in my mother’s car,” Wood said.

“I was going to stay with a friend, but first I stopped in the park and kind of had a little heart-to-heart with myself. I said, ‘You’re in charge of your life now. You’ve got to do something with it.’ That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t affected by it emotionally. I just knew that I had a horrible situation and I had to deal with it. I’ve been fairly independent ever since,” he revealed.

Wood’s father pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and he raised money to hire a lawyer to represent him. “I just remember how I felt when they said they would help me,” he said. “And I remember thinking at the time, maybe one day I'll be able to make somebody feel the same way.” After high school, he studied at Mercer Law School and took up a string of odd jobs, including working at a men’s clothing store, as a sports writer at the Macon News and as a hospital orderly.

Back in 1983, Wood partnered with attorney Jack Moore to set up shop and Wayne Grant also came on board. “Those first couple of years were tough,” Wood recalled. “We lived on borrowed money and borrowed time.” Banking on his ability to choose the right clients gave his career the right direction. “I would not like to represent a client who is guilty,” he said. “I have a good eye for determining clients who are worthy. In large part it’s instinctual. I concede that it’s an inexact science.”

Contrary to belief, he turns down several high-profile cases. He said, “I’ve had a number of high-profile individuals that have come to me with the idea of bringing lawsuits for defamation where I’ve felt their motives were more to tie themselves to my reputation of representing the victims, or ‘the damned,’ and to try to manipulate it. I’m not in the business of doing that.”

Wood has openly admitted to his dark side when it comes to his personal affairs. “I left a lot of bodies on the side of the road during my first marriage,” Wood said. “I haven’t been an angel.”

“I have been able to raise four kids successfully. So far, so good,” he said. “I actually made a decision not to live my life in the fashion I was raised. I was determined to never have a child live in an environment like that.” Lin works to keep his family (Debbie & children) under wraps - out of public media. Apart from his professional pursuits, he also plays golf, boxes, has taken part in horse jumping competitions, and is an advocate of his faith. In a candid confession, he also said his first love is practicing law.

Wood lives with his wife and four children in the affluent Sandy Springs area. Two of his children are attorneys.

Today, Lin is a confessing Christian. Admitting he is a work in process. I met Mr. Wood when he began to advance our media content. We as believers need to bath him in prayer, asking God to protect him as he grows in Christ.