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End Times Documentary

Dr. Stephen Phinney | Executive Producer

Congratulations! Stephen. I am not disappointed. I couldn't resist reading 'This Preeminent Darkness.' The Holy Spirit touched my heart as I read, and I don't want to stop. I wish every Atheist, every Deconstructionist, and every apostate from Christianity would watch this series, read your book and come into the fold of the Good Shepherd instead of running with the goats. You have revealed Satan's success in telling lies as he deceives people today. -Ted McCartin | Sydney, Australia


We have been blessed with 80,000+ viewers of our End Times Documentary series thus far. Including our social network inboxes, our articles and media on the topic have reached an all-time high of 1.7 million. Just in our YouTube viewership, as of today, we are encouraged by the 1.77 million total views.

What do all these numbers mean?

Ultimately, the masses are exposed to the life-changing prophecies of the Living God, which could challenge each viewer to receive the indwelling Life of Christ.

Honestly, our numbers are not high enough. Don't get me wrong, I am eternally grateful that the End Times series is reaching a sizable number of viewers and readers. However, the need is much greater than our numbers. Our goal is to awaken the full Body of Christ, but mostly every member of the church of Laodicea. Will we reach them all? Of course not! But Jesus will warn every one of them in His own way.

A friend of mine, JI Packer, before he died, said these words to me.

It is imperative that you get this message into the hands of every Christian.

My lifelong mentor, Dr. Charles Solomon, before he died, commissioned me with these words.

As these events unfold, it is fitting that a servant of God interpret them to those not presently near the eye of the brewing storm! From that perspective, Dr. Phinney's involvement is not as a spectator, but is an involved participant in a significant movement of God in Church history. It is my prayer that the interpretation permitted by his being 'on the ground,' as the events unfold, will allow those in a spectator role to awaken to the significance of current events as they relate to Church history.

Shortly before Dr. Solomon died, he challenged me to find another mentor that would help me advance the End Times message for the Church. Within two months, I was introduced to Dr. David Jeremiah's ministry.

Through these men, and others, a great awakening took place in my soul. However, it wasn't until the Lord visited me in a dream did, I take the call seriously. The detailed commissioning in this dream resulted in the publications of the commentary, Eschatology, Unfolding the Power of Prophecy, the books, This Preeminent Darkness, and Nehemiah, The Man & The Legend. This dream also inspired the video series, The Book of Revelation, The Life of Daniel, Nehemiah - Hand Me My Sword, and now our End Times Documentary series. Located on our Eschatology website. (HERE)


This documentary series has pushed me to the brink of heartache and despair. It is certainly the most challenging venue of ministry I have taken on to date. We have suffered equipment failure, expense in purchasing equipment, filming challenges, staffing/crew shortages, financial challenges, postproduction glitches, network hacks, physical challenges with my degenerate nerve disease, and a host of threats and rejection from lukewarm "believers." Through all these external distractions, God has been faithful. Through the Lord granting me understanding in His prophetic revelations, and through Dr. Jeremiah, and many other sound prophecy teachers, we are enduring to the end.

The number of episodes the Lord gave me is twenty. The following is what has been completed, or soon to be posted.

EPISODE ONE: In The Beginning (HERE)

EPISODE TWO: Ancient Prophecies (HERE)


EPISODE FOUR: Wars & Rumors of Wars (HERE)


EPISODE SIX: Cultural Signs (HERE)

EPISODE SEVEN: American Signs (HERE)


EPISODE NINE: Russian Signs (HERE)

EPISODE TEN: European Signs (HERE)

EPISODE ELEVEN: Signs of Ambiguity (HERE)


EPISODE THIRTEEN: Prophecy Upside Wrong

EPISODE SIX: Heavenly Signs

EPISODE SEVEN: The Antichrist & False Prophet

EPISODE EIGHT: The Dragon & The Mark

EPISODE NINE: The Battle of Armageddon

EPISODE TEN: Closing of Humanity

EPISODE ELEVEN: Earthly Reign of Jesus Christ

EPISODE TWELVE: The New Heaven & Earth


AMERIFORCE: The Implosion of America (HERE)



My old boss use to say, ministry would be great if it wasn't for the people. While I understood what he was saying in jest, my greatest challenge is in ministering to a culture of ambiguity. I have accepted my calling in reaching the hearts of lukewarm "believers." Honestly, it is difficult preaching to a bowl of jello. Pray for me and our workers here at IOM. We face passivity at every turn. So much so - we fight discouragement as if it is an enemy without a face. Then, I remember, Jesus is fronted with the same ambivalence twenty-four hours a day. It's no wonder why there are only a few on that narrow-minded path.

Thank you for reading our update. More to come - I can assure you. If you are new to our ministry, consider watching our 'short' - Welcome to Our YouTube.

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