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Metaverse & The Prophecies

Dr. Stephen Phinney


Question. Why did IOM America shift its focus to eschatology or the end times?

We didn’t. Since the ministry’s founding, we have carefully balanced the teachings contained in the prophecies with our primary mission of the believer’s identity in Christ. However, as of late, our articles and media have placed a special emphasis on the events of the end times due to unfolding prophecies.

Since our ministry has moved to the forefront of curious minds regarding the End Times, we receive many questions regarding specifics in culture and how they connect to Biblical prophecies. We have decided to take the time to answer some of those questions occasionally. For example:


Why did Mark Zuckerberg change his company’s name from Facebook to Meta? How is Facebook connected to prophecies?

  • First and foremost, the decision by Facebook to change its name to Meta reflects the company’s perceived growth opportunities beyond its namesake social-media platform. Facebook wants the rebrand to show how Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg is repositioning the tech company around the metaverse, which he sees as a key growth area that can also attract younger users. Here are the facts. Meta (formerly Facebook, Inc.) is now the “mother” company of Facebook, Instagram, and 90 other Big Tech services. The bottom line is Facebook has a bad reputation for selling members’ private videos, selfies, identities, contact information, and postings to the highest bidder. Most of the time, those purchasers might be politicians, government agencies, sex traffickers, and major-scale retailers. Facebook was simply the systematic platform to gather the data for a much bigger vision. Meta, however, has a vision that will fulfill such plans.

  • What is Meta? The company Meta is Facebook on steroids, or should I say AI. AI is artificial intelligence. AI is a systematic intelligence that gathers medical, social, and private information on humans. The name Meta is captured from the ideology of the growing movement of metaverse - a real to life iteration of the Internet as a single, universal and immersive virtual world facilitated by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets. The goal is to shift the virtual world from headsets to real-time environments – as in AI-controlled businesses and homes. Laymen know it as devices in their environments that you speak to manipulate the room, car, machinery, or environment you live or work. The vision is to shift the masses from the selfish world of collecting material possessions to owning what they want in the virtual world without taking up more of the “footprint” of materialism. They will begin by selling virtual trinkets to their Facebook populous. Zuckerberg’s ambition is to establish a virtual world by 2030.

  • What does Meta have to do with prophecy? A lot, actually. The World Economic Forum (EU), which the Antichrist will lead, stated in the summer of 2022 that by 2030, you will “own nothing, have no privacy,” and mindlessly accept that “life has never been better.” For that to work, governing systems must take away the pleasantries of ownership. It involves shifting ownership to a unified governing system. The EU plan involves income redistribution, an equity-driven reshuffling of society, the elevation of socialist policies, and the erosion of meritocracy (people-led governments). This will require puppet masters from a single universal platform, i.e., metaverse. The prophetic question becomes, who will be this primary puppet master?


People have asked me if I believe Zuckerberg is the Antichrist. After I chuckle, I usually respond with; Mark is a scientific kindergartener compared to the final Antichrist. However, I believe Mark is one of the more intelligent humans to date. I believe he is well connected to our age’s leading global puppet masters. In fact, it is likely where his wealth derives.

As for his vision of an AI world, his counterpart, Elon Musk, said, “We should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon.”

Mark recently told CNBC, “We’re basically shifting from having most of the content that you see in Facebook and Instagram come from your friend or follow graph, to now, you know, over time, having more and more of that content just come from AI recommendations,”

Rookie researchers need to understand that AI is the algorithm of a command center managed by a preeminent voice by either input data into a human mind or that of an AI robot. Suppose the ideology of the algorithm is new to the reader. In that case, it should be understood that it is a computer-driven science platform that hosts rigorous instructions, typically used to solve problems humans are limited in figuring out. This is accomplished by integrating trillions of pieces of data from a global community – then managed by a select few to control the masses. Meaning, that AI can direct the masses to a given objective with one single “click.”

Does all this sound like exaggerated sci-fi?

The connection between Meta, metaverse, and AI is obvious when answering the question of “how” the Antichrist will rule the masses. However, I have known about Zuckerberg’s plans to control the masses by one person speaking into metaverse for many years – since reading his legacy vision. I began warning the masses of his dangerous Facebook and Instagram since that day. I can count those who heeded the warning on two hands and got off those platforms. Today, the percentage of those who will listen to this warning – is the same. It is as if Facebook is already functioning as a mastermind. My conclusion? People typically don’t believe until they are trapped by the forces that bind them. Sad to say, by then, it is usually too late. After all, how many believed the prophets through the ages when they stepped up to warn God’s people? If you read your Bible, you will know not many. This is the irony God’s enemy, Satan, counts on.

So…when you listen to the news, or not, know that these are birth-pangs of the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Read more about this in Matthew 24. While authentic born-again believers will most likely be Raptured out of the punch line of the meta nightmare, it would be wise for readers to make sure they are on the list of those who will be “gathered up” before this Antichrist shows his real colors. Consider reading “The Test for Authentic Indwelling Salvation.” It might help you escape the up-and-coming metaverse trap.


Learn more about the Antichrist spoken of in the book of Revelation.

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