Putin Has a Point

Dr. Stephen Phinney | IMNews

First, I need to note I am not fond of the Russian empire. Mostly due to their role in the End Times, which is in our Lord's prophecies – that they will come down from the North to wage war with Israel.

I have stated many times that it is probable that Russia will pick a fight with the European Union, seeking to gain global control over the land mass of Europe. Remember that old Russia owned most of the land that Europe sits upon. Secondly, Russia's present leader has noted that they seek to take back what is theirs.

Since the End Times prophecies reveal that the EU is likely the location the Antichrist will surface, this raises a question as to "who" will dominate global powers in the End.

I was able to obtain the highlights of Putin's recent speech. However, I was able to watch most of it online. When I observed the number of global leaders in the audience, I became interested in hearing Putin's words. What I found was packed with truth. When you read these highlights, remember that Putin is a conservative Russian Orthodox Christian. He not only believes in prophecies but has also used the Scriptures many times in his speeches. While doubting that he is a born-again, indwelt Christian – he certainly is a devout Russian Orthodox believer. Like other conservative Christians, he believes that the European Union and the Western world are of "Satan." While his conclusion is a bit edgy, he has some relevant points.

I have learned that the greatest defense is to listen carefully to the speeches of the masses' perceived enemy while maintaining my loyalty to the King of kings. I request you do the same in reading this speech.

As you read President Putin’s speech, connect it to the enormous cultural and religious destruction that has occurred under our present White House administration. Warning, to read this objectively, you WILL need to set aside any Russophobia you might have.


President Vladimir Putin charged the West with practicing "Satanism" and of imposing "perversions&qu