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Identity Politics

A preview to my 2024 series depicting the spiritual, political & cultural backstories of our Presidents and the history of the country they served.

As I have crisscrossed the boundaries between state and church, I have discovered failures, greatness, and mediocrity that define the leaders God used to establish the land of the free - America.

My doctorate academic studies were focused on original research, data analysis, and the evaluation of theories - practical, spiritual, and historical cultural issues related to global leadership. In my case, my doctorate comes under the title of International Leadership of Cross-Cultural Affairs. All that to say, my practitioner focus is based on the organic research related to leaders and their ability to lead within the seven areas of life - spiritual, psychological, physical, parental, marital, social, and financial. These are the arenas I study to determine practical problems while exploring or formulating solutions to complex issues that come with their chosen institution of leadership - be it a nation or a governing corporate entity.

Now, with the blah-blah of credentials out of the way, the bottom line is I love the study of global leaders and their history. My methodology is rather simple. I research backward. As an example, I would start with a particular leader of a nation and do a reverse research analysis. This is done by taking the leader as far back in their history as possible. I do the same thing with the country they serve by using the seven areas of life, which helps me define their present lives as leaders.

There is no better way to understand the condition of our country than by taking stock of all the presidents, both those of infamous standing and unfamiliar and by juxtaposing the most recent presidential candidates with earlier incumbents with the hope of gaining a coherence to the sprawling challenges that accompany the 2024 elections.

It is my hope that in this series, my efforts will be of assistance to the American voter. It is my goal for all Americans, or interested onlookers, to see the presidency afresh and to think about its past, present, and future Presidents in light of their passion for preserving the building blocks of our nation. However, in our series, we will discover some of our presidential leaders worked relentlessly to lead their citizens away from the doctrines associated with our founding leaders. By studying the leaders who influenced our presidents, we will see the many pitfalls and blind alleys they themselves walked, ultimately leading to the implosion of one of the greatest nations in the world.

Over the past thirty years, as a historian, I have rightly turned away from biases and remained focused on the blatant facts. If indwelling Christianity is a “bias” to you, as a reader, you will discover an overt slant toward a Biblical review of our Presidents. While I avoid allowing my Biblical worldview to affect the facts to be noted in this series, I maintain the importance of looking through the window of Jesus’s soul.


The president of our nation is the only elected officer representing the entire nation as a nation. Because of this, each president has an obligation to the American people. Since the citizens know that each president is an elected official, the methodology of their rationale is simple - elect someone who matches the belief system of self-governance. The crisis that often comes with this ideology falls on the weak links of the candidate’s flaws spiritually, psychologically, and culturally, which involves the influences of the candidate through the seven areas of life. Thankfully, for candidates who are immovable in their integrity, it works for them as well.

Overall, Americans still care about the presidency and who rules their country. Some continue to believe in the modality of leadership ruling from the top down. Although, statistics reveal that the present culture believes in one leadership style - self-governance. This falls under the method of thinking of ruling from the bottom up. While it would be easy to blame our selfish culture, honestly, this ideation was birthed through our representative democracy - we, the people, rule the nation. Over the generations, this mode of belief has produced an attitude of insisting that elected officials, including our presidents, belong to the people, not realizing that this kind of thinking reenacts reverse slavery; the slave now rules its owner. This might appear to be fair, reasonable, and righteous, but it strikes against the Biblical model.

A country, church, or family can only survive temporarily under this mode of leadership. In due time, it produces a prodigal people, church, and nation. If one were to step back and look at a nation that functions like this, one would see a nation that is overindulgent in materialism - both in belief and functionality. As for a church, we discover this through the rebuke Jesus brought upon the church of Laodicea.

I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot. Would that you were either cold or hot! So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked. (Revelation 3:15-17)

Could it be that this principle applies to a nation? Allow me to paraphrase this verse that might be revealing to a nation.

I know the works of America: you are neither cold nor hot. Is your nation neither cold nor hot? So, because your nation is lukewarm regarding its faith and obedience to My ways, neither hot nor cold, I will spit your nation out of My mouth. Your nation has become rich, it has prospered by self-indulgence, and it needs nothing, not realizing that your nation is wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked before Me.


Daniel Webster said these words in 1828:

Providence is the care and superintendence which God exercises over His creatures…The same power which caused a thing to exist is necessary to continue its existence…A general providence consists of particulars…By Divine providence is often understood by God Himself.

If a nation or its people forget or are not taught that God’s method of leading the leaders of nations and institutions is by Divine providence, the corporate body will ultimately implode upon itself. As our President, Ab Lincoln, quoted the Holy Word, A nation divided against itself will not stand.

Combining the Biblical statements and views of Jesus and our founding leaders who allowed themselves to be ruled by Divine providence, we must review each president, their beliefs, and their willingness, or not, to allow the supreme Commander of Chief - God, to rule our “great” nation. Our series will make use of most of 2024 to do just that. This could be one of the more acute and accurate reviews of America you will read.


Chief Justice John Jay stated on September 8, 1777, noted as our nation’s year of perfection,

This glorious revolution…distinguished by so many marks of Divine favor and interposition…in a manner so singular, and I may say miraculous, that when future ages shall read its history, they will be tempted to consider a great part of it as fabulous…Will it not appear extraordinary…like the emancipation of the Jews from Egyptian servitude.

Well, Chief Justice Jay, this country requires another miracle. With each passing day, our nation faces the uncertainty of our God spitting us out of His mouth. By reading the miraculous accounts of many of our country’s leaders, maybe, just maybe, we can revitalize that year of perfection of 1777. Doubtful, yes, hopeful, yes, but the methods of God leading a nation have not changed. Any and all leaders who release their lives to be ruled by the Divine providences of God can impact a nation and its people once again.

I promise that if you trust in God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the historical accounts of faithful men, you will be inspired and encouraged by this new series - as we explore previous crises, threats of insurmountable odds, and the faith of certain leaders who trusted in God, in His Providence, to deliver our nation from the faithless dark leaders who refute our country’s founding members of the Bride of Christ.

This weekly series will begin in January of 2024. I purposely distribute articles until election day - with the hope of clarifying the voter’s foundational beliefs in “why” they should continue to protect the nation God once, and hopefully will continue to advance and protect.

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