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International Triple E Award

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Global Award Announcement

Dr. Phinney, you have been selected as a candidate of the 2023 Global Triple E Awards on Entrepreneurship and Engagement Excellence in Higher Education.


As some of our readers know, IOM America was selected as an award-winning 2022 Global Entrepreneurship citation. This provoked a question from some of our "Christian" readers. "Why are awards important to IOM America?"

IOM has been selected for awards throughout our 21 years of ministry. At first, my attitude was "what's the point?" However, after much thought, and counsel, I figured these awards would open doors for our ministry to reach a global audience. That is exactly what happened. Due to these honors, we are known in the global community far more than here in America. As a result of these citations, our global contact list is staggering numerically. Why is this significant? Our outreach to leaders within the following countries regarding the message of the Gospel is rewarding in and of itself.


Top countries we serve – United States, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, United Kingdom, and Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, Pakistan, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Nigeria, Cote Divorie, Jamaica, Tanzania, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Russia, Philippines, Zambia, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, Burundi, South Korea, Netherlands, Argentina, Nepal, Congo, Bulgaria, Japan, Barbados, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, France, Trinidad and Tobago, Ethiopia, Greece, Czechia, Austria, Norway, Anguilla, Peru, Libera, Iraq, United Arb Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Indonesia, Belarus, Botswana, Portugal, Haiti, Malawi, and Switzerland.


In short, these awards enhance our credibility, expand our network, and showcase the success of Jesus Christ in what we do. While we rarely dive into the secular aspects of these awards, by being selected by their committees we are listed within their global networks. This is when we dive into the opportunities offered.

As to this particular award, the 2023 Triple E Awards will showcase leading institutions, individual achievements, and outstanding initiatives from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific Region, which are the four top targets for our ministry in 2023.

Years ago, I was presented by the United Nations with their annual Leadership Award, as well as receiving a life-time appointment as a UN Peace Ambassador. For me, that was as appealing as eating dirt. With strong counsel, I went to the event. I received a plague the size of most wall art. After returning home, I threw the plague in the trashcan. However, I soon realized I had access to selected UN documents that monitor global peace. Since those early years, I have made use of this status to get through doors for my studies in the world of eschatology.

In prayer, the Lord made it clear that I was much like my brother, Daniel. As you might know, Daniel, and other leaders of God were appointed as special counsel to some of the more ungodly kings. If you do your research on men like Daniel and Nehemiah, you will discover a method of management God uses to turn the tides toward His prophecies. While this sounds like boasting, it is - boasting in the successes of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am honored to be a little fish in a big pond.

I am humbled by these kinds of selections and invites. However, I am active in making use of each to advance the Gospel and mission God imparted to IOM America.

I do request your prayers as I dialogue with Prof. Dr. Thorsten Kliewe, Chair of the Triple E Awards. Most of the time the cost of traveling to these celebratory meetings is off the charts. I rarely go, and usually place the condition of an online video acceptance. Some cooperate, and others are immovable in personal appearances. Whichever the case, I have learned that the award is less important than the network connections I can gain from such an honor.