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The Year of Jubilee

Stephen Phinney

Yovel | The Jubilee Year


Since 2023 is the calculated observation of Yovel, the year of what the Western world calls the Jubilee, we should review some of its details.

While the masses dismiss the importance of Israel’s Jubilee year, governments do not. In today’s news, we read this:

UN votes for the global court to rule on the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

The International Court of Justice will study how Israel’s policies and actions affect the illegal occupation of Palestine.

The United Nations General Assembly has approved a resolution seeking an official legal opinion from the International Court of Justice regarding the consequences of Israel’s ongoing occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Adopted on Friday, the measure was celebrated by Palestinian leaders as a first step toward accountability.


What does this mean?

First, it was no accident that this decision fell on the Jew's calculated Jubilee. Why do I use the term calculated? The Jews have not observed Jubilee since God destroyed the Second Temple upon Jesus’s death. Secondly, even though these claims are backed by the morally corrupt United Nations, Gilad Eran, Israeli ambassador, states, “any decision from a judicial body which receives its mandate from the morally bankrupt and politicized UN is - completely illegitimate." Finally, it reveals the intent of the UN to not only remove Israel from a territory that has long been identified as Israel, but this sleight of hand also fulfills the Jewish prophecy of the first stage of the greatest war of humanity.

The Back Story of Jubilee

The Hebrew word for Jubilee is yovel – a year observed once every 50 years, following a seven-year shimita or a sabbatical (year of rest). More importantly, in the primitive Hebrew pictorial language, shabat means a return to the covenant of the cross. While most amateur Hebrew readers consider shabat as a weekly rest, in the context of a Jubilee (yovel), it identifies as a fifty-year observation after a seven cycle of seven years. Whether it begins in 2023, most orthodox Jewish scholars adhere to this event starting in 2023 or 2024. In either case, the next Yovel is the 120th Jubilee, which according to the Jewish YHWH DSS Calendar, is the last Jubilee that ushers in their Messiah. Suppose this expected Truth is Biblical, according to Maimonides. In that case, there is a commandment to consecrate the Jubilee year and to sound the shofar on the tenth day of the month of Tishrei – September in the western calendar. These are both specified in Leviticus 25:9-10, which states: “Then shall you cause the shofar to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, on Yom Kippur shall you sound the shofar throughout all your land. And you shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants; it shall be a jubilee for you.” This verse is also inscribed on the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

The fact that this verse is on America’s Liberty Bell and cracked on its first strike in 1752 prescribes the commitment of the United States to defend our motherland, Israel, until this day arrives. At the time of the crack, many local observers considered it an omen of betrayal. For generations, observers have been watching for such a betrayal. If the United States breaks this inscribed commitment to Israel, America will be considered an enemy of their Hebrew God. This eternal light contract has been broken by evidence offered in our present White House administration, which is depicted in Jewish prophecies. Stating a modern-day prophet, “When the US becomes partners with the eastern enemies of Israel, an eternal crack will open the pit of Hell.

Keep your eye on September.

The Jewish month of Tishrei is the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar year when counting the months from Nisan. Tishrei was/is the Babylonian name for the month of the war. Some modern-day interpretations note this is the first day of World War III. While this might have some validity, there is a deeper meaning for the Jews.

The Jewish Torah mandates that all slaves be set free and that all land return to its original owners. For the Jews, the land God set aside for Israel. The Talmud in Rosh Hashanah explains that slaves technically were free from the first of the Jubilee year but did not return to their homes until ten days later when the shofar was sounded. While many await Israel to sound this trumpet, it is likely the seventh trumpet sounded will be from Heaven (Revelation 8:1, 10:7, 11:15, & 17). The requirement of returning land to its original owners meant that, in effect, land could NOT be sold or managed by any other government or subsidiaries. It so happens that on every Jubilee year since the writing of the Torah, Israel faced some of its worst battles – all ending in victory on Israel’s part. In light of this, Israel’s final Jubilee will serve as an act of God that seals God’s conclusive statement: “the land is Mine; you are but strangers resident with Me. It is all on loan from Me.”

The logic in all wars lead to Israel is practical and preeminent. If the Jews or their misguided politicals maintain a view that it is all for the Jewish people, they are not only deceived; they are dead wrong. The land mass stepped out by their Hebrew God is for the ruling landmass of Jesus Christ in His final Jubilee, titled, the One Thousand Year Rule of Jesus Christ.

By global standards, Israel is presently considered one of the leading woke or liberal countries in the world. In its present condition, it is not suitable for their Messiah, Jesus. Due to this horrid reality, God will allow the purification of Israel's people and their land mass. All of the Lord’s prophecies that image the constant wars and bloodshed of the Jewish people are for one purpose, returning Israel’s people to the heart of God – not in a show of selfish protection of their land, but in literal commitment to the God that gave the land to the pure bloodline of the 12 Tribes of Israel. In the End Times, there will only be 144,000 remaining. Jews need to embrace the fact that the landmass of Israel is on loan FOR the Millennial reign of their Messianic Messiah – Jesus AND His pure bloodline Jews. However, this will include all graphed Jews, who are Christians who were adopted into the pure bloodline of Jesus.

Some shocking news.

The Jubilee year has not been observed for at least two millennia – moments after the Jews crucified their Messiah. Yes. This horrid act of the Jews killing their prophesied Messiah has great consequences. One is God scattered the pureblood line Jews. Secondly, as prophecies reveal, the entire global governments will rise against her. Finally, the devastation of the Jews will lead them to repentance for murdering their promised Messiah. While the Jews do not use the word Grace, they believe that Jubilee releases them from their sins and debt. However, since they have not observed Jubilee since the murder of Jesus, they have NOT been released from their sins and international debt. So, what is a Jew to do?

This is an easy connection. In Leviticus, which specifically names “all its inhabitants,” the orthodox Rabbis understood that the Jubilee year only applies when all those who are meant to live in Israel — that is, all 12 tribes of Israel, particularly the 144,000 pureblood line Jews. These 144,000 is not self-proclaimed Jews; rather, it is the DNA identified 12,000 seed-line Jews from each of the originally established 12 Tribes of Israel (Revelation 14:1). Fact, until this remnant is living in Israel, God will use global conflict to drive them back to their homeland. As soon as the last authentic Jew hangs the Torah on his doorpost, the Antichrist will be released to conduct his seven-year rule preceding the final Jubilee of Jesus Christ.

An amazing fact. The Jubilee years were counted after the end of the Babylonian exile and the construction of the Second Temple. Then God destroyed the second Temple by cracking it in half upon Jesus’s death, much like what happen to the Liberty Bell. This act of God ended the Jewish Jubilee until Jesus returns in His Second Coming, shortly after the third and final Temple was rebuilt. An interesting note. Babylon returns for one last attempt at being a superpower (Revelation 14:8). Since Jubilee started at the release of Babylon through the prophet Daniel, the final Jubilee will be ignited after God ends Babylon’s influence permanently.

Then a strong angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, "So will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer. (Revelation 18:21)

Once God ends the influences of Babylon, the western world’s integration with the European Union, the real and final Jubilee will take place. Until then, we are called by God, through the indwelling Jesus, to keep our eyes open to the End Times events that led up to the Jubilee we have all been anticipating. His goal is not to create fear of man but rather the fear of God. Remembering, God always finishes what He started before He throws a party.

While God keeps the data hidden within the walls of His final Jubilee, we should be cautious of putting dates in place. While my calculations through the Jews calendar emphasize something significant in 2023 or 2024, I, too, am pleading ignorant of God’s justifiable timeline. However, few scholars debate the final Jubilee is upon us. Which means the Rapture is knocking at our door. Since that is the case, this might be the time to be adopted into the pure bloodline of Jesus. That is accomplished through receiving the Person of Jubilee into our mortal souls. Salvation today secures a Jubilee that will last for eternity.

Test for Indwelling Salvation & Prayer: HERE

'Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will dine with him, and he with Me. 'He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. 'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.'"

(Revelation 3:20-22)

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