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United States in Prophecy

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Christ | Culture | Creator

All Countries Are In Biblical Prophecies


Most Bible prophecy teachers hesitate to mention the United States is in our Lord's prophecies. I don’t. This misnomer exists because the title, "United States" or "America," is not rooted in Greek or Hebrew. Thus, they dismiss it as a documented nation or territory in the Bible.


Many teachers tend to forget that when God says "all nations," He means all nations. All existing nations can be traced back to an organic nation noted in Old Testament prophecies. Not even the smallest or insignificant nation on earth escapes the history of God's prophecies.

Just because nations camouflage the roots of their forefathers by giving themselves a new name doesn't mean their history is irrelevant. Today, most nations are rebel spin-offs of a larger nation once noted by God through Nebuchadnezzar's dream, deduced from Babylon, the Medo-Persian Empire, Greece, and Rome. The fifth empire stated in his dream was the Divided Nations of Western Europe – the final empire of the Antichrist. The Western European empire consists of a mixture of the top four systems of government recognized in Nebuchadnezzar's statue – monarchy (Lion), dictatorship (Bear), democracy (Leopard), and dictatorship democracy (Dragon). Also, according to the statue, there are ten toes – the Ten Kings stated in Revelation's book, chapter seventeen.


Allow me to give you modern-day examples of the systems of governance prophesied through Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

  • Babylon = (Monarchy/Lion) Great Britain | Ruled by a monarchy system.

  • Medo-Persian = (Dictatorship/Bear) Russia | Ruled by a single leader.

  • Democracy = (Democracy/Leopard) Germany | Ruled by the people.

  • Dictatorship Democracy = (Dragon) Canada/England | Ruled by a mixture of monarchy, dictatorship & democracy.

  • Divided Nations of Western Europe = The United States | Ruled by a single elected leader by the people, kept in check by branches of government who are monitored and regulated by a national or organizational constitution.

  • Ten Toes = Ten Kings | The top ten nations that will rise to destroy Israel.

All countries that function by a monarchy require the people to be ruled by a king or queen. The branches of government are in place to advance the agenda of the monarch. Most monarchies are assisted by the religious leader they serve, usually the Roman Papal system. These monarchy systems fall under the statute's revelation of the Babylonian Empire.

Countries ruled by a dictatorship either oppress the people or inspire their citizens in a few cases. These leaders rise to power through wars by creating fear in their citizens. Often these fears result in fierce loyalty to their leader. A classic case of this is North Korea & Russia. This group is related to the Medo-Persian Empire.

All nations ruled from the bottom up (democracies) fall under the category of Greece in Nebuchadnezzar's dream. It was started by Alexander the Great, who ruled through female goddesses. Feminism classically dominates these countries. The leaders usually work to gain their votes by pleasing or presenting an image that citizens' opinions matter, which is not classically true.

The dominance of the Divided Nations of Western Europe is the most confusing form of leadership represented in the statute. These countries blend the governance modalities of the other four empires and strategically integrate each into a type of governance that rules nations versus people. The organized management model is based on ruling nations, leaving the citizens to be managed by the individual nations. Nations that are a part of the EU front their agendas with world peace. However, their motive of operations on a corporate level is normally dictatorship. The nations that are members of this empire must accommodate the universal objectives over the nation’s local objectives. This results in the leaders changing the opinions of their national citizens to support the EU’s global governing beliefs and systematic goals.


According to the 83rd chapter of Psalms, the list is offered, one of the most important passages in understanding the ten toes/kings (Rev. 17:12).

1. Edom =southern Jordan

2. Ishmaelites=Arabs

3. Moab=central Jordan

4. Hagarenes=Egypt

5. Gebal=Lebanon

6. Ammon=northern Jordan

7. Amalek=Sinai Peninsula

8. Philistines=Gaza Strip

9. Tyre=Lebanon

10. Assur=Siria, Iraq

Since the final battle will be between the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac, a special note is that all ten countries are deeply embedded in Islamic beliefs. Meaning the final threat against Israel will be from the illegitimate son of Abraham – Ishmael (v.6).

Furthermore, some theologians believe the Antichrist will appoint the leaders of these ten Islamic countries as kings over the seven continents. I support this possibility. Since Satan will present himself as a Jewish super-leader, this is more than a probability. There are good odds that the Islamic “Isa” (Jesus) will be from the authentic bloodline of Abraham by way of Ishmael. These ten toes also support the multiple passages stating Israel will be surrounded by hostile countries. Lastly, when the prophecies talk about the northern Bear (Russia) partners with the Ishmaelites to conquer global control, it would align with this probability perfectly.

The United States Is In The Prophecies

The Constitution was birthed through conflict and diverse opinions, as we know from American history. Since the United States was established as “We the People,” the US Constitution was based on the people ruling from the bottom up. However, that never works. Our founders knew this method of governance was challenging to say the least. Since effective governance is based on power from individual leaders, they quickly shifted the formation of the Constitution to be written by power-players, NOT the “We the People.” Since those early days, our nation has been ruled by offering the citizens the view that “they rule” while fully knowing the politicians at the top do the ruling. Most politicians know that the people are incapable of managing a country, let alone their private lives. As our history reveals, the politicians promoted public protests to give the people the “feeling” their o