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Wars & Rumors of Wars

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Christ | Culture | Creator

World War III is not about the Ukraine.


All Biblical wars throughout history claim the lives of innocent people. From citizens minding their own business to the soldiers required to fight for their leaders – all who die tend to be a waste of humanity. As I have studied wars fought for dictators through the ages, one thing is certain: the citizens of those countries didn't ask for another war.


Recently I had a dream. Shortly after drifting off into la-la land, I found myself pinned to the ground with an enemy holding a gun to my head. He said he was defending his motherland. I replied Why waste a bullet on me when our countries will be friends within a few short years. You have a family; I have a family. You love your country; I love my country. Save your bullet for someone who is attempting to kill you. With that, he put his gun down, and I woke up.

I most likely had this dream without question due to the events unfolding in the daily news. Every time I read a story or watch a video on the suffering of the innocent Ukrainians, I not only weep, but I ask God, Is all this really necessary? Without much of a surprise, He answers - "Yes."