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Using Silence to Control

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Christ | Culture | Creator


One of the more deadly forms of blocking Body Life in Christ is resistive silence - a habit dominating the Christian world.


I know this label is new to most, but Proxemics is “the branch of knowledge and behavior that deals with the amount of space people feel necessary to set between themselves and others.”

God designed the human brain to process all information allowed to enter the mind. When too much information enters on a repetitive basis without proper processing time, the brain goes into what is called by most “information overload.” The science world calls it chronemics“the study of nonverbal communication to allow processing; brain pauses, which force Proxemics.”

While it is true that many people use resistive silence to punish others, researchers are noting such a trend that it has become the talk of the internet. If it is a cultural problem, it is worth reviewing.

My old boss once said, “Silence is the most po