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"Stephen's writings come from a gift like Paul, who witnessed Christ to the world during Christianity’s formative years. He is a student of God’s Word.  He presents Biblical Truth with clarity and passion sculpted from personal trials and the blessings born through those trials."

-Gale Ethridge


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This Preeminent Darkness Book

This Preeminent Darkness

In an age where Christianity is anything you make it to be, Dr. Phinney brings the reader back to the basic doctrines of the Word of God.


With his compelling research of Christ, Culture & Creator, he delivers a theologically sound analysis of each up-to-date movement that rises against the Holy Word of God.


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"Dr. Stephen Phinney's writings clearly articulates the Life of Christ within the indwelt believer, and it keeps that focus on all his writings - while challenging them through Scriptures to consider a different perspective on living out the Life of Christ within."

-Loida Leone


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"Opa, I Have Some Questions" is a children's book series on the End Times. We start with the basics, as in "Meeting Jesus - Volume One." By the end of the 7-book series, children will understand the primary doctrines of our Lord's prophecies. (Click HERE to read book one.)

"With my dad’s writings, you never have to fear lukewarm teachings, and you will receive a bold message of your inadequacy apart from Christ.  No matter the subject, he clearly states that co-crucifixion is the pathway to freedom from living in bondage to our crucified old man."

-Jessi Phinney


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Join the movement! Begin listening to the End Times Series podcast for children and adults alike. We have produced 129 episodes to date. These stories expose the listener to a balanced doctrinal view of the End Times - from salvation to the final day of humanity and beyond. All narratives and animations are by Dr. Phinney. 

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The Principled Patriarch

The Principled Patriarch is a 30-Lesson Study Guide designed to lead men back to a Biblical tradition of manhood. Our women, children, communities, and nation need a few good men – husbands, fathers, and leaders who are willing to lead according to the divine Word of Truth. We are in the middle of a cultural battle that wages war against the male and female genders – boys being emasculated and our girls being made masculine. Whatever happened to the patriarchs of our day? Why are the women asserting more male dominance than our males? Why do men default to women in leading their families, homes, and communities? These are just some of the questions that get answered in The Principled Patriarch.


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What Fellow Authors Say

"We live in a troubling, but also exciting age. As the future unfolds, it’s clear that Christians must be informed and actively working and praying for believers everywhere to realize their strong identity in Christ, for that will be a crucial element in times of persecution. As Dr. Phinney says in This Preeminent Darkness: 30+ Cultural Movements Rising Against Christianity, “Passivity is the greatest enemy of the gospel!”    


-Nick Harrison | Word Serve Literary

Book of Covenant Prayerrs.png

The Book of Prayers | Praying Covenant Prayers

If we don’t align our thinking with the New Covenant message, our prayer requests will take the pathway of selfish praying. New Covenant thinking is all about fulfillment versus asking for things – it is more like claiming what is already true about us and the allotment of our daily circumstances. Without this modality of thinking, the enemy will shift our focus from accepting existing sovereignty to begging for God to change His sovereignty to match our panic and fears. Note. He will not change His eternal plan to match humanity’s needs. However, since He knows what your needs are before you pray, He will fulfill all the requests that match His predestined care for you.

The Father 2022 3000.png

The Father | Downfall of Christianity

The Father, The Downfall of Christianity, the Millennial Generation: Our church culture has gone up-side-wrong. In an age where Christianity is anything you make it to be, Dr. Phinney brings the reader back to the basic doctrines of the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. His compelling research of Christ, Culture & Creator delivers a theologically sound analysis of both the Millennial & Z Generations.

Identity Matters Workbook - Phinney

Identity Matters | Advancing Life Within

Identity Matters - Advancing Life Within | Workbook & Conference Guide is a 13-week course designed for a combination of individual, small group & conference study guide. It is a course in the personal discovery of a believer’s IDENTITY in the shared co-death, burial, resurrection & ascension of, and in, Christ Jesus – the Exchanged Life. This workbook contains 80+ diagrams to help communicate the freeing Truths of who the believer is in Christ! Newly revised and updated to better enhance your study. Please log on to: to listen to the audios that go with each lesson without charge. 

Men and Warfare - Phinney

Men & Warfare | Study & Leader's Guide

The Christian man is engaged in a spiritual battle even if he does not believe that he is. Satan and his spiritual forces are on the battle line waiting for you each day. A man does not have a choice as to his engagement in this battle, it awaits him each day and there is no way to get around it. If you are saved and have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are in! Be alert and sober, for your enemy, Satan roams around on the earth to seek whom he can devour. This study is to equip each man with the spiritual tools necessary to war against the world, his flesh and the devil himself.  

Art of Spiritual Warfare - Phinney

The Art of Spiritual Warfare

This book unfolds the spiritual secrets to a free life. As a sword, the Word has the power to penetrate the life of every being that hears it, and that includes the enemy. It is meant to do corrective surgery within the soul, spirit, thoughts, attitudes, and body of all who hear it. This is the secret of its power against the enemy. As you use it, the Word can penetrate, cleanse, and change the lives of those that embrace it as Truth. There is nothing more powerful and there is certainly no substitute for persistent, steady, consistent application of coming against the enemy.  

Finances And End Times 2018 (3).png

Finances & The End Times

God says the rain falls on the just and the unjust. For our reading benefit, we could easily say the “money falls on the just and the unjust.” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a believer ask, “Why is it that God allows the ungodly to prosper while Christians suffer from little?” The answer is found in this book. Learn more about the 46 primary Biblical Truths regarding money, the end times, and the believer's identity in Christ.

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NEHEMIAH | The Man & The Legend

Christ-as-Life leadership & following is a fading modality in our culture today. Nehemiah was called by God to rebuild the walls that were to protect Jerusalem. However, today, God's people work to tear down the walls that are to protect authentic Christianity and His Church. One thing is certain - when Israel is left to defend herself, the authentic Body of Christ will be as well. This book covers the God-ordained methods of leadership, following, and eschatological facts of present-day end-times prophecies.   Get On The List: Here

Eschatology Volume One - Phinney.jpg

Eschatology | Unfolding the Power of Prophecy

Eschatology | The Commentary is an extensive Biblical study on the New Testament book of Revelation. This book contains part one of the Biblical research, study & history on past, present, and future events that affect the Body of Christ. This will be released to the public as soon as the editorial team has it ready. At this point, we are looking at the spring of 2023. This is the book the End Times Documentary is based upon. 

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