Amerigeddon Revelation

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Recently, I was sent the movie, “Amerigeddon,” by our partnership TV network, Epoch Times TV. It was informative and entertaining – if I could use that term for real-life scenarios. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but I will say it is worth your viewing.

Before reading this article, consider watching the trailer we produced for this movie. It will give you an overview of a mutual message that we hope will awaken Americans.


Without question, our country is melting into a socialistic disaster. While many refuse to see America in the End Times prophecies, the fact is, she is a key player. She is not only a key player, but she will soon become a global leader in the ideology of one-world government. Most consider our present President impotent. However, the people behind him are not. They are on a mission to hand our country over to a global system that promotes global economy, governance, health, human monitoring, and, believe it or not, a one-world leader. Folks, this is unavoidable. It is in the Lord’s Revelation of the End Times. Not one country will escape the future leader of our earth.

I know it isn’t popular to write or speak on such topics. My research is not based on popularity. While our ministry focuses on the believer’s identity in Christ, we are tuned in to the events of our day that reveal the End Times prophecies presently being AND are soon to be fulfilled.



Unsaved people only scratch their heads after hearing these not-so-hidden Biblical Truths, and they quickly default to, well, that’s their opinion. A day will soon be upon us that the unsaved and the weak-kneed believers will search for a rock to hide under. Today they call it “going off the grid.” The Bible predicts this. Today, most can excuse the End Times events as something they can change, minimally