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Amerigeddon Revelation

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Recently, I was sent the movie, “Amerigeddon,” by our partnership TV network, Epoch Times TV. It was informative and entertaining – if I could use that term for real-life scenarios. I won’t spoil the movie for you, but I will say it is worth your viewing.

Before reading this article, consider watching the trailer we produced for this movie. It will give you an overview of a mutual message that we hope will awaken Americans.


Without question, our country is melting into a socialistic disaster. While many refuse to see America in the End Times prophecies, the fact is, she is a key player. She is not only a key player, but she will soon become a global leader in the ideology of one-world government. Most consider our present President impotent. However, the people behind him are not. They are on a mission to hand our country over to a global system that promotes global economy, governance, health, human monitoring, and, believe it or not, a one-world leader. Folks, this is unavoidable. It is in the Lord’s Revelation of the End Times. Not one country will escape the future leader of our earth.

I know it isn’t popular to write or speak on such topics. My research is not based on popularity. While our ministry focuses on the believer’s identity in Christ, we are tuned in to the events of our day that reveal the End Times prophecies presently being AND are soon to be fulfilled.



Unsaved people only scratch their heads after hearing these not-so-hidden Biblical Truths, and they quickly default to, well, that’s their opinion. A day will soon be upon us that the unsaved and the weak-kneed believers will search for a rock to hide under. Today they call it “going off the grid.” The Bible predicts this. Today, most can excuse the End Times events as something they can change, minimally that these events have nothing to do with our God. So what do they do? They grab a picket sign and protest the ideologies that don’t match their human rights – not realizing that soon and very soon, human rights will be a faded memory.

Not only does Satan laugh in the face of human rights, but God also does. No one has human rights. While most governments use the ideology of “rights,” it is a mere illusion to gain control over humanity. Once you give a human the sense that they have rights, the leader can use those “rights” to manage their destiny. Jesus is the only one who can demand His rights – rights given to Him by the One God. For Jesus to claim such rights, He had to become God. Satan knows this and fears it.

Humans are simply pons on a chessboard. The game is called global government. Both Satan and Jesus are making claims to this position. As we know, Satan is given seven short years to taste the power of world control. And then, it happens. Jesus arrives in His Second Coming not only to take it away from Satan but also to place this power-hungry leader in the pit of Hell – forever. Leaving Jesus to reign over the earth for 1,000 years. So, you see, it is all about a one-world government.

Now the illusion. Since our global governing leaders are ignorant of what I just wrote, they spend every hour of daily strategizing on ways to control the world. Satan is in the mix of these deceived leaders who think they can disarm Jesus in His plans to rule the world. Folks, this is what you see and read in the daily news.


Everyone is dead to the prophecies unless they have the mind of Christ. Christianity 101 reveals that unless the Holy Spirit resides in the believer, a human can’t connect the dots of prophecy from the Old Testament up into the Life of Christ and then on to the final act played out in Revelation’s book. IMPOSSIBLE! I call it preaching to a dead man walking. So, why preach?

Certainly, we need to preach doctrine, and we need to preach the prophecies of the Lord; but we must remember NOT to neglect the reality of the lion’s share of the audience’s personal spirituality, level of applied Holiness, and their probable separation from the indwelling Life of Jesus. So, again, why preach to a generalized audience? It is a simple answer. We don’t know who is authentically indwelt by Jesus. Secondly, hearing prophecies leads the curious to Christ for salvation – unless they are cloaked in bitterness and refuse brokenness.

Hearing prophecies has a purpose and adds to the brokenness process God intends for those who hear these quote-unquote mysteries of the Scriptures. While authentic believers hear the prophecies and are encouraged, it produces brokenness in the souls of the unsaved. However, it is only the group hand-selected by the Holy Spirit to hear and heed these warnings.

As for those who preach the prophecies, may God warn them to escape the preaching attitude of empty sermons while droves of people pour into Hell - daily. While preaching prophecies are intended to break people, hoping to lead them to Jesus Christ, we must remember that it is not our job to decide the “who” will respond eternally in Christ.

It is a Biblical fact that the Holy Spirit will NOT reveal the deep things of God’s prophecies, nor will He open the door to the truths and reveal God’s precious individual connections to such prophecies, to those defined by the sins of the Adamic nature – unsaved. With this in mind, we now understand that for them, prophecies are used to form brokenness in their lost human souls. Once saved, their minds will be directly connected to the mind of Christ from within. Then, and only then, they begin to understand their connection to the Lord’s prophecies.

We need a revival of sorts. After 40+ years of studying the Lord’s prophecies, I have come to realize the Lord has always used prophecies to awaken rebellious souls to provide an opportunity to step into a predestined Holy revival.

The Lord, thy God, will always do exactly what He says He will do according to His immovable eschatological timeline of sovereignty. Out of all the sixty-six books in the Bible, have there been so many attacks from God’s enemies of the Word of God, as seen in Old Testament prophecies. Even Today, the OT prophecies remain discredited by many theologians – who refuse to connect the Lord’s prophets to Revelation’s book. Some adhere to the prophets’ writings as symbolic and not literal in projections of future events.

However, those who love and study the Word of God know that this is just another attack of Satan, which is no different than what our OT prophets experienced during their commissioning of the Lord. Eschatological theologians like myself believe that the prophecies stated in the Word are some of the most important and pivotal writings in the Bible, and for that reason, Satan manipulates present-day believers from studying them, which is the same case with Revelation. Why? It contains word pictures that appear to be metaphoric or symbolic.



The Old Testament prophecies are most remarkable. Each is packed with warnings and predictions that flow into modern culture. All noted prophecies are unique and supernatural. The prophets recorded for us the course of the history of the nations from Daniel’s day until the end, as stated in Revelation’s book. Critics through the ages have groaned in despair in their attempts to discredit God’s prophecies and those that preach them, but there is no other book in all of the world’s libraries that have been so completely and accurately vindicated by history as in the case of the book of Revelation.