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The Antichrist Will Surface

Dr. Stephen Phinney


While some refuse to believe that such an Antichrist will arrive, the Bible contains warnings and prophecies depicting such a monster. Yet, his identity is not revealed, not once. The real Antichrist will mysteriously hide behind the skirt of lukewarm politics and religions until our Lord releases him to come out of the closet.


Chapter twelve in Revelation depicts the Antichrist as a dragon – known in Biblical history as Satan. Before he was thrown out of heaven, his name was Lucifer, the angel of light. However, he didn’t go out without a fight. The Bible calls his exit the result of a great war. Leaving us with the impression that he raged a war against God by using one-third of all the angels, now called demons. Since God is God, and He shares His power and glory with no one, Lucifer was removed from heaven “like a bolt of lightning, with his devoted demons. Since that time, God has called him Satan, the dragon snake.



Remember when Adolf Hitler attempted to take over the world? The majority of the church began to believe that it was the Antichrist Revelation’s book was speaking of. Worse yet, Israel thought the Old Testament prophecies were coming to pass.

· A fierce king (Dan. 8:23

· The master of intrigue (Dan. 8:23)

· The prince who is to come (Dan. 9:26)

· The despicable man (Dan. 11:21)

· The worthless shepherd (Zech. 11:16-17)

· The one who brings destruction