The Antichrist

Dr. Stephen Phinney

A nanosecond after the Rapture, the Antichrist will come out of the closet and begin to rule the earth through his deceptive ideologies.

First, let’s review what the world will look like seconds after the Holy Spirit, through the Bride of Christ, is removed from the earth.

Global chaos will be an understatement.

Think about it. All indwelt believers who will be flying planes, driving cars, managing satellites, or managing any other dangerous time-sensitive technological or mechanical jobs, are gone. Disasters will arrive at every turn. Millions of people who were not a part of the Rapture will die instantly because of the chaotic ramifications of the departed believers.

The magnitude of chaos will be of such horrid levels of confusion and mass destruction the world will beg for a savior/leader to step forward. Guess who will be standing behind the undrawn curtain? You got it – the Antichrist.