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The Revelation Connection

Dr. Stephen Phinney


The end of humanity's history is soon upon us. If you like endings with a flurry of incredible events climaxing with a bang – well, you will love how this story ends. I love how the apostle Paul said it. “Things which the eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him.” Not only were those words given to Paul before John wrote the book of Revelation, but he was also given a glimpse of hope of the glorious new Earth for all those who love and are indwelt by Christ Jesus. While these words should motivate all to be a part of the closing act of humanity, ninety percent of the world’s masses deny Jesus and go to Hell.


In the final four chapters of Revelation, we are given chapter headings of seventeen global events that end humanity, Satan, and his demonic loyalist. Almost all of them have been noted by prophets through the ages. John was privileged enough to write them down to seal the promise of God, fulfilling all stated prophecies from Genesis to Revelation’s book.



1. The Marriage of the Lamb (Rev. 19:7-10) This event takes place in Heaven directly after the Rapture and during the time of the Tribulation before the Second Coming of Jesus. How do we know this? The Word tells us the Bride of Christ returns with Christ at the Second Coming – making it affirmative that we have the wedding feast before He comes to punish those who offended His Bride.

2. The Glorious Appearance of Jesus Christ. (Rev. 19:11-18) Jesus’s Second Coming culminates the Holy prophetic plan of God, first seen by Enoch, “the seventh man from Adam” (Jude 14-15), and last revealed to John. According to Jesus’s words, the appearance will happen immediately after the Tribulation. He will not take His Sabbath rest until humanity is brought to a closure. (Matt. 24:29)

3. The Battle of Armageddon. (Rev. 14:14-20) This is the war to end all wars. It will be a great day for God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit – let alone the Bride of Christ. God keeps the details close to His heart. However, we know that it involves several battles involving the nations of the world, as well as the demonic warriors of Satan. It is a short and brutal battle. In fact, the Word of God tells us that the blood of the opposing warriors will rise to the brittle of the horses. Satan wanted a blood sacrifice, so God gave him what he wanted by using Satan’s loyalist's blood. Prophets have prophecied this particular battle since the days of Enoch. After this war, peace will set the stage for the new Heaven and Earth.

4. The World’s Greatest Earthquake (Rev. 16:18) Shortly before Jesus establishes His Kingdom on Earth; a horrific earthquake will occur that will sink the islands of the seas, be felt worldwide, and divide Israel into three separate land masses. (Rev. 16:19) During this time, God remembers the damage old Babylon inflicted upon His Jews. What does He do? He destroys her influence, eradicates all nations that came from her, He sinks her islands, and flattens every mountain on the earth. That, of course, is beyond killing all her warriors in the Battle of Armageddon. God keeps His promise and removes Babylon and her descendants from the face of the earth.

5. Judgment of the Nations. (Rev. 25:31-46) This is also called the judgment of the sheep and goats when Jesus separates pure bloodline Jews from the fake. Remember that all those who receive the indwelling Life of Jesus are graphed into the pure bloodline of Jesus. It will happen at the end of the Tribulation. The sheep will go into the Millennial Kingdom, while the goats are judged during the thousand-year judgment period. One by one, each goat will be sent to Hell after being held in an account of their disbelief.

6. Antichrist and False Prophet Cast into the Lake of Fire. (Rev. 19:20-21) God puts an end to the influence of these two power players toward the end of the Tribulation by throwing them into the Lake of Fire. Neither receives judgment since they were judged before they started their deception based on their partnership with Satan. Out of all the power players world history has noted, these two damned, persecuted, and destroyed more human souls than any leader since the beginning of man’s time.

7. Satan is Bound for 1000 Years. (Rev. 20:1-3) The world’s master deceiver will be bound in the bottomless pit to block his madness method of deceiving humanity during the 1,000-year judgment conducted by Jesus Christ. The bottomless pit is the dwelling place, home base, of all darkness and evil beings. However, instead of being a come-and-go place, Satan will be bound there during the Millennial Judgment period. Jesus also references this place as Hades in Luke 16.

8. The Resurrection of All Believers. (Rev. 20:4) The “gathering up,” also known as the Rapture, occurs before the Tribulation. This is the first phase of the believer’s resurrection, ushering all who have the indwelling Life of Jesus into Heaven as eternal members. This event seals the authenticity of the believers being the Bride of Christ. All Old Testament saints who died believing in the prophecies of Jesus will be included in this event. After the 144,000 pure bloodline Jews are saved toward the end of the Tribulation, who are the only born-again believers during the Tribulation, they are graphed into the Bride of Christ at that time.

9. Christ Establishes His Millennial Kingdom. (Rev. 20:1-6) God has warned and notified humanity of the coming 1,000-year reign of Jesus since the times of Noah. This phase of the End Times will fulfill this promise. During this time, Satan is bound and placed in the bottomless pit to keep evil’s influence during Jesus’s Judgment period.

10. Satan Released One Last Time. (Rev. 20:7-9) It is curious why God releases Satan to deceive one last time. The reason is simple. He is released to rile the nations judged to formulate a war against the King of kings, who recently finished judging each. The nations surround the capital city of Jerusalem, which hosts the Bride of Christ and Jesus Himself. As soon as they think they have the advantage – God releases fire from Heaven and devours all those judged during the 1,000-year judgment. This is the method God uses to send the judged to the Lake of Fire – forever.

11. The Final Rebellion. (Rev. 20:7-9) The above is also called The Final Rebellion. Imagine the hostility of the masses after the final judgment. A form of hostility will be present that the ages of man have never experienced before. Their hatred will be directly against the Bride of Christ and Jesus. They will form a global army through Satan's influence, attempting to destroy authentic believers, ending in a blast of fire.

12. Satan Cast into the Lake of Fire. (Rev. 20:10) After God terminates Satan’s followers through the Heavenly fire blast, the Lord Thy God casts Satan into the Lake of Fire, joining the Antichrist, the False Prophet, and his followers.

13. The Final Judgment Results. (Rev. 20:11-15) At the end of the 1,000-year judgment period, the unbelievers of the past and present will receive their consequences. God brings forward all the dead for sentencing. Each is judged and condemned for the horrid deeds written in their books. At this moment, the shift of Hades to Hell is activated. All souls will burn in the eternal flames of the Lake of Fire for eternity.