World Journalist Invite

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Dr. Stephen Phinney

Recently I was invited to join a group of journalist & 'expert' writers through the platform of Substack. This platform is for high-profile writers who have an impact on politics, culture, religions, and economics.

We submitted our first publication, "It's Not About the Taliban." After analyst, we have an open door to move forward.


The End Times Chronicles.

The title for IOM's publishing through Substack has been assigned as, "The End Times Chronicles." Evidently, our research projects are of interest to their readership. The readership is global and well received by serious readers. They also offer to host our IM Worldview Podcast. However, it is a subscription based service. Meaning, they are interested in building an income for their writers.

As a beginner, it is suggested that IOM starts at $8 per month. Earning estimate calculated for 800 paying subscribers, priced at $8/month = $6,400. With this single service, IOM would have a sustainable income of $76,800 annually. This is the net income before Substack and credit card fees are extracted.

The potential.

It has been communicated, with our area of writing, we could gain upward of 5,000 paid subscribers within a two year period. Initially, we will be uploading 5,770 contact emails to start the momentum. Although, each would need to agree to a subscription to access all articles, media, and specialized podcasts. If they remain in our free version, they will only receive occasional postings.

The type of writings and media posted through Substack will be specialized. In other words, communications that are NOT posted through IOM's traditional